tisdag 11 november 2008

Skönt att man inte är ensam

Jag läser Melissa Williams' blogg. (Melissa är sångerska i Zlips, red. anm. för oivigda;) ). Och där hittade jag följande otroligt roliga anekdot angående Scotts och Dansbandskampen:
..at O-viksmaran, I REALLY put my foot in my mouth and made a total ASS out of myself in front of them. I swear to God, I need to learn a little bit about finesse and charm...

We were sitting and having a snack while Perikles was playing. I had no idea that Scotts was in the contest. They were talking about us being in it and asked which week we would be there. Just prior that week, a film crew had been at my house filming a piece and they said to me that I was at the end with the big name bands. This stuck in my head and when the Scott-ers asked when we were playing, I said, "We're playing towards the end with the bigger bands!" (God, I'm such an asshole..even now thinking about it, I just want to melt into the ground...).

The Scott-ers looked insulted and then I realised that they were going to be in the program as well. I asked if they were. They said yes, I ask, "Which week?" They say, The first week. My god!!!!!! Have you ever had that moment where you say something so completely stupid that you try to make up for it and you just dig a deeper hole and you get more and more pathetic for every sound that is uttered? Well, that was me and they have teased me for that (deservingly)..

Det fick mig att tänka på en sak som hände när jag var och dansade till Blender i Gävle häromveckan. Jag skulle precis börja dansa med en kille som bjudit upp mig. Vi har dansat några gånger under sommaren men nu var det ett tag sen. Vi intar dansposition kind-mot-kind men då säger han: "Visst dansar du gnuss?" Varpå jag svarar: "Självklart, jag gör ALLT!"


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